FISC and her partners provide you with EPR software suites that matches your organisation and helps you to manage and automate your varied office and departmental functionalities.

Our ERP software suites collects and organize data from various levels of your organisation and connects business activities across all  departments. A structured approach to ERP can help your company standardize and automate its business processes, improve the efficiency of operations, save time and money, and ensure everyone is working with the same data and watching the same key performance indicators (KPIs)

Some benefits of our ERP system include:

*Real Time capabilities, the ability to see what is going on in your company as it happens

*Mobility, for access from any location world-wide

*Cost savings and great ROI

*Collaboration between departments

*Improved customer satisfaction

*Reduced inventory costs

*Regulatory compliance

*Data Security

*Decrease in vendor pricing


*Accurate, unique and integrated information

*Improved reporting capabilities

*Reduced redundant data entry and processes

*Scalability as your company grows


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